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Using Infographics, This Viral Video Shows How Vast The Universe Is

The universe is an ever-expanding space and it is expanding faster than ever. A video shared by Astronomy Views on Instagram uses infographics to show how vast the universe is.

With more emphasis on universal science in entertainment movies like Spiderman and Doctor Strange’, people wonder how big the universe really is. While discussions about it have recently started in many groups, scientists have been studying the phenomenon for years.

Scientists, thanks to their satellite telescopes and other technological advances, have only been able to see 5% of the universe. To give you an idea of ​​how small we are in terms of universes, you can watch this video, which starts with a woman lying on the ground but ends with the entire multiverse.

It’s important to know that no one knows enough about the universe to understand all of its laws and fabrications, but the creation of this video is only meant to help put people in perspective, not to consider it as a definitive truth.

The video also relates to the question of whether we are the only universe. It shows an infinite number of universes side by side. The video is currently going viral with over 3 lakh views. Users shared their thoughts, views and questions on the video.

One user questions the legitimacy of the video, asking, “How do we even know the universe is so big?” Another shows his own anxiety about the subject, saying, “These clips make me anxious that I won’t be able to uncover the mysteries.” A curious user also mentions his thoughts saying, “I want to know what exists on these other galaxies.”

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