Sarasota Art Center’s New Exhibit Cycle Includes Jesse Clark’s Photographic Works and More

The Art Center Sarasota exhibition season continues with four exhibitions, September 1-30. “Live in Color” features multimedia works on canvas by Alissa Silvers that were inspired by the bustling beach towns of South Florida.

“Everglow” by Jesse Clark is a series of staged photographic works that focus on the beauty of hope and overcoming, while acknowledging the issues facing black communities. “I Am The Clay” is curated by Carla O’Brien, owner of Sarasota Clay Company, is an all-ceramic exhibition featuring works by 16 artists. “Popular!” Jury by Danny Olda, is an exhibition of works of art inspired by the Pop Art movement.

The opening reception for all four exhibits will be Thursday, September 1, 6-8 p.m., Art Center Sarasota, 707 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. For more information, visit or call 941-365-2032.

“Live in Color” is a multimedia series by Alissa Silvers that is inspired by the bustling beach towns of South Florida, including Miami, West Palm Beach and Sarasota. “I started out finding inspiration by people watching on the beach, visiting art galleries and museums, and taking simple walks around my neighborhood,” says Silvers. “The vigorous note-taking of my ideas and findings led me to create a mood board to map out the feeling I sought to bring to life through my paintings. My mood board consisted of several samples of painting with shades of pinks, blues, greens, yellows.After I saw it visually come to fruition, I knew that I had finally succeeded in creating the mood of the seaside towns that I wanted to portray. This is how the ‘Live in Color’ concept came to fruition.” Alissa Silvers is a contemporary artist and graphic designer internationally recognized as the creator of LISS Design. Originally from Münchwilen, Switzerland, she now calls Sarasota her “home away from home”. At her place”.

“Everglow” is a series of photographic works directed by Jesse Clark that focuses on the beauty of hope and overcoming. The artist says that “while these works acknowledge the issues that black communities face, including violence, racism, stereotyping, brutality or even the right to exist, this series aims to change the notion that black communities can only ever be defined by and/or limited to these struggles.While these issues endure through generations, these portraits show the optimism that drives black communities forward and the idea that over time, everything will be fine. It is the strength to continue to shine, the freedom to feel joy, love, excel and exist peacefully. Despite all the difficulties, there is always a constant beautiful glow, an eternal glow. Jesse Clark is a Haitian-American artist based in Sarasota, who is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Ringling College of Art and Design with a concentration in photography and imagery.Often described as vibrant and poetic, so His work primarily explores consciousness and identity in relation to cultural issues. Along with this, he focuses on showcasing beauty within black identity and advocating for representation. Clark’s photography has been exhibited at SPAACES Gallery, Sarasota Art Center and Mara Studio + Gallery. In 2021, her work was featured in Sarasota Magazine and Stories To Change The World-International Activist Collection. Clark hopes to inspire other creatives to use their artistic voice and move the world forward through positive change.

“I Am The Clay” showcases the changes in clay making over the past 41 years, from the perspective of exhibit curator Carla O’Brien, owner of Sarasota Clay Company and Carla’s Clay, Inc. O’Brien says the exhibit features work “from artists I’ve known – some for over 40 years – to those who are relatively new to the ceramics scene. The theme of this exhibit is to know how everything keeps coming back in a loop.” The exhibition features functional and sculptural works that feature a variety of clay techniques. Featured artists include: Frank Colson, Ted Camp, Brooke Andrews, Leslie Ugiccione, Kathleen Moore, Barbara Lynch, Natasha Dikareva, Susan Beecher, Taylor Robenalt, Seth Barendse, Osa Atoe, Dorothea Calvert, Pam Steele, Josh Holbrook, Brendan Deasy and Carla O’Brien.

“Popular!” is an open and juried exhibition of artworks inspired by the Pop Art movement and juried by Danny Olda, art critic, publisher and independent curator. Olda has curated exhibitions for various non-profit and private galleries and recently served as gallery curator at Creative Pinellas, a museum space in Largo.