Photographic composites of birds and surroundings accentuate nature’s rich textures and colors


#birds #Joseph McGlennon #nature #plants

August 30, 2022

Grace Ebert

“Eclectus” (2018), Indian peacocks. All images © Joseph McGlennon, courtesy of Michael Reid Sydney + Berlin, shared with permission

Hundreds of individual photographs include the richly layered works of Joseph McGlennon, who selects particular textures and colors found in the natural world and incorporates them into new contexts. In one image, the cascading feathers of Indian peacocks frame a sailboat in the distance, and another focuses on an Australian black cockatoo surrounded by rainbow lorikeets, butterflies and flowering foliage. Many of the works accentuate the distinct luster and patterns of the bird’s feathers and use the variations of light and shadow to cohesively position the subjects within their manipulated environment. By highlighting these features, the photographer references the amazing diversity of the earth and what could be lost given the increasingly dire climate crisis.

McGlennon has a solo exhibition open until September 11 at Michael Reid Southern Highlands – he is represented by Michael Reid Sydney + Berlin – and is also included in Bird published by Hoxton Mini Press. Find more of his works, as well as glimpses of his process, on Instagram.

“Dry Bloom” from Awakening

“Quiet 1” (2021)

“Quiet Dawn” from Awakening

“Silentium 2” (2021)

“Electus”, a wedgetail in Tasmania

“Silentium 3” (2021)

“Silentium 4” (2021)

#birds #Joseph McGlennon #nature #plants

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