My city – The exhibition “Photographic images and material, Japanese prints of the 1970s” starts at the Japanese Embassy

People viewing printed expressions from the 1970s, a collection of 14 contemporary Japanese artists on display at the Japanese Embassy.


The exhibition titled “Photographic Images and Matter, Japanese Prints of the 1970s” opened on Friday. The exhibition is open to everyone at the Embassy of Japan, Panipokhari, Kathmandu from July 23 to August 4 from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily.

Tamura Takahiro, Japan’s acting charge d’affaires in Nepal, inaugurated the exhibition during a special ceremony on Friday. Speaking at the event, Takahiro said, “We couldn’t hold the exhibition for three years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are happy to organize it now,” he added, “it is a traveling exhibition and we are currently doing it in Kathmandu.”

The exhibition focuses on the printed expressions of the 1970s, as evidenced by the work of 14 artists who helped develop a print movement in the Japanese contemporary art world in the 1970s. This artistic movement was introduced by Tetsuya Noda, recipient of the International Grand Prix of the sixth edition of the International Print Biennial, in 1968. Noda’s work in transforming photographic portraits of his family into prints led to enormous changes in prints . on a global scale, creating parallels between trends in contemporary prints and fine art while inspiring future developments in the artistic sphere.

During the golden age of art in Japan, the focus was on materials such as printing blocks, paper, and ink, which were used to create one-of-a-kind works of art. These subjective expressions, based on photographic images and material, greatly expanded the print medium. While these artists also played a big role in helping to shape future trends and developments in contemporary printmaking and contemporary art as a whole.

The exhibition was divided into two categories; “The Age of Photographic Images” focuses on the use of photographic images in print media with the introduction of Tetsuya Noda, Kosuke Kimura, Akira Matsumoto, Satoshi Saito, Hideki Kimura, Sakumi Hagiwara. With “Images of Autonomous Matter”, which highlights works shaped by the matter of intentions with the introduction of Jiro Takamatsu, Katsuro Yoshida, Koji Enokura, Shoichi Ida, Tatsuo Kawaguchi, Lee Ufan, Mitsuo Kano and Arinori Ichihara.

The exhibition was curated, published and edited by the Japan Foundation and curated by Kyoji Takizawa (Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts) anticipating viewers to better understand the trends in contemporary art of the 1970s in Japan that were sparked by the average impression.