Graphic design

Architecture firm launches in-house digital services and graphic design division

Liverpool-based architecture firm Studio RBA has launched a digital services and graphic design division.

The new entity will provide high quality digital imagery and branding for client planning and marketing materials.

Two new employees have been recruited and work is already underway for several of the firm’s clients.

Managing Director, Kenny McNaughton, said: “Our clients assume considerable financial risk when planning and bringing projects to market, and high quality still and moving images, brand identities and warranties are all essential to engage and excite key audiences along the way.

“By bringing this resource in-house, we can ensure quality and cost-effectiveness while ensuring that our own architectural vision is properly reflected in the work.”

Ahmed Sharif and Dawid Miturski have joined the Royal Albert Dock-based practice and will support Adam Morgan, who will lead the division alongside his role as architectural director.

The division’s services will include the provision of computer-generated imagery (CGI), interactive walkthroughs, brand identities and marketing materials.

Ahmed Sharif, senior CGI artist at the firm, said, “Whether our clients are selling their vision to funders, planners or end users, the ability to bring it to life in a way that excites and engages people. is essential.

“Our work delivers razor-sharp, photo-realistic images that go a step or two above what has been seen before.

“We are also able to design and produce brand names and identities as well as print marketing materials. It is a full service offering to which customers have responded very positively.