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3 graphic design trends to keep in mind 2021

When you think you’ve seen it all, the artists come up with something new.

They are experimenting and each time giving the world something truly amazing. In the future, digital design will have as much influence as it is today. On Behance and Dribbble, artists post inspiring projects that inspire creators from all walks of life. Let’s take a look at the big design trends that haven’t slowed down in the New Year.

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Touch design – 3D art and modeling

The popularity of 3D design has only increased in the last decade. And the coming year will be no different. This means that the 3D renderings will become even softer, smoother, and softer.

The fashion industry is also transforming thanks to Cinema 4D. Designers can draw everything digitally, including the models’ skin and hair, as well as their clothes. There are no constraints.

If you love 3D and follow a few motion designers on Instagram, you’ll see an ocean of 3D artwork with textures of wood, metal and concrete in 2021.

Static design, for example, web and mobile UI / UX, use the same technology. User interfaces will soon become even more haptic thanks to 3D design. This change will help all platforms, from bigger ones like Facebook to smaller ones like GradeMiners.

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Beautiful chaos: abstraction, surrealism and more

It appears that the trend towards abstraction is always at the top, whatever the year. Abstract art has such a wide range of applications that its potential is virtually limitless. At the same time, abstraction has progressed far beyond what we were taught in school and what we see in museums. However, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of microvariations in this direction, some of which are difficult to name.

Surrealism is used to describe the story. This trend was once a breath of fresh air for art, but it would be a mistake to believe that it ended with Dali and Picasso. The legacy of the great abstractionists continues, but in new forms that incorporate the principles of abstract art, dystopian futurism and other subgenres.

We are currently experiencing a technological boom and art simply needs to adapt to the digital world in order to survive and flourish. As a result, art is no longer just the product of the imagination, but also of the powerful impact of social media, television, pop culture and fashion.

This year the world needs more truly multi-layered and deep work – images with multiple meanings that are exposed through the viewing experience.

Optical illusions and the computerized visual arts have grown from 2020 to 2021, and this trend is expected to continue. Glitch and distortion, glitter and white noise, blur, gradients, grain and pixelation – in 2021, everything ultramodern, psychedelic, surreal and abstract was at its peak.

Everything is illustrated

The illustration is now available in every imaginable format. Digital illustration has firmly established itself at the top of the trend list, thanks to a wide range of brushes and image editors. A person loves to dive into the right story, and the drawings provide just that.

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Figures created with a range of tools and methods (ranging from pencil sketches to watercolors, oils, and even tempera) are all the rage right now. The protagonists of these films, each with their own unique personalities and backstories, will not disappoint those who love stories.

As 3D design tools are increasingly accessible, 3D illustrations have been at their peak for several years. As a result, the delicious world of volumetric characters will be restocked in 2021.

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