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Court ruling on payday loans could impact mortgage markets

Signage at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Headquarters in Washington, DC andrew kelly | Reuters A court last week threw out a regulation drafted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for payday lenders, saying the agency’s funding was unconstitutional and therefore lacked the ability to curb the industry. The United States Court of Appeals […]

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MBA Broeksmit targets CFPB

America is in “full damage control mode” while the Federal Reserve tries to control inflation, inflicting pain on the mortgage industry – and that’s when “bad policies have a habit of rearing their ugly heads”, according to Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) President and CEO Bob Broeksmit. The main threat now comes of the Consumer Financial […]


Spotlight: ‘Artist-alchemist’ Gilles Lorin’s experiments in the darkroom shed light on ancient photographic processes

Every month hundreds of galleries add newly available works by thousands of artists to the Artnet gallery network – and every week we shine the spotlight on an artist or exhibition you should know about. See what we have in store and inquire for more with just a click. About the artist: Munich photographer Gilles […]


Browse Adam Whyte’s Photographic Love Letter to New York Mushrooms

When deciding on the series’ aesthetic, Adam says he “wanted to capture these quirky characters in their natural setting.” Therefore, he objected to the use of a studio. But, despite this, most of the images in the book eschew the use of natural light, opting instead for a bright, overexposed feel: “I chose to use […]

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Popularity of Paycheck-Advance apps skyrocketing with 33% of Americans now signed up to borrow, survey finds

Cash-advance apps can help workers access wages before payday, but they can be as expensive as payday loans — and many borrowers can’t repay The biggest problem with cash advance options is the very high interest rate. Consumers should avoid “tips” – these are hidden charges and not at all transparent. » — Dr. Priya […]

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What is a personal finance app?

Managing your finances is a tedious task that only a few people do. It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain, on your own, with all the things you need to pay attention to. Balancing a checkbook, tracking expenses, and keeping track of your bank balance, on your own, can be a daunting […]


At the Library of Congress, a photographic treasure of random beauty

I regularly rummage through the online images of the Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs Division, and occasionally I come across an image — construction equipment at the U.S. Treasury building, tennis players on a bridge, a poster ketchup ad — filed with the evocative label “High Demand Sundries.” It looks like one of the […]

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The Supreme Court can limit the powers of economic regulation of the State

In a Supreme Court case scheduled for oral argument Oct. 11, pro-business justices could limit the power of liberal states to pass regulations with economic consequences for big industries across the country. The meat lobbyists National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) v. Ross argue that California’s new agribusiness regulations are forcing them to overhaul pork production […]

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Chris Shuttleworth explains how mock graphic design got his first job and the secrets to career progression

Hoping to get his foot in the door in 2014, Chris boldly sent Robot Food a book he had done called Why Bother? – a collection of satirical charcoal sketches that poked fun at the design industry. In its pages, it basically looked at the value of design and satirically asked, what’s the point of […]

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Computer Graphics Card Prices Drop Nearly 60% After Ethereum Merger

Source: Adobe/Photocreo Bednarek The Ethereum merger The blockchain upgrade, which transformed the blockchain into a Proof-of-Stake consensus system, triggered a sharp drop of nearly 60% in graphics processing unit (GPU) prices, with Chinese sellers reporting that equipment prices hit their “bottom level”. already”. Local GPU vendors that were once highly sought after by crypto miners, […]

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How much is Yankees’ Aaron Judge 62nd HR ball worth? No one is sure, but it’s “a lot of money”

The lucky fan that hung Yankees Star Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run ball might be able to sell it and never work again. Or, at least, they might be able to pay off the rest of their student loans. “Someone is going to make a lot of money,” said Brian Kathenes, managing partner of National […]