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21 of the best graphic design failures of all time

Buzz · Posted on June 26, 2021 Disclaimer: These design failures are graphic. 1. This “priceless” memory of the Big Apple !!!!!!!! 2. This definitive proof that coffee and donuts go together like two puzzle pieces that don’t fit together at all 😌: 4. This graphic that was made by a kid from the yearbook […]

Graphic design

How to make a career in graphic design: 13 pro tips

Wondering how to make a career in graphic design? You are certainly not alone. As many creatives rethink their career options after a tumultuous time, there is a lot of competition right now – but also a lot of opportunity. There are a variety of avenues to consider to get you where you want to […]

Graphic design

Best Graphic Design Software of 2021: Free and Paid, for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Online

The best graphic design software makes it easy for you to set up designs ready to print and distribute. The best graphic design software Creating artwork and other designs for printing is a one-time job – and so you will need specific software to match. Namely, a dedicated vector graphics design program. While there are […]

Graphic design

KU Communication Design ranks among the best graphic design programs in PA

Kutztown University’s Communication Design Department was ranked eighth in Animation Career Review’s Top 10 Graphic Design School Programs 2021 in Pennsylvania. The 2021 List is the seventh annual Animation Career Review ranking compilation for graphic design. Over 700 schools offering graphic design programs were considered for this year’s ranking. KU was the only recognized higher […]


Workshop Photo Association APSD DAIX

Paintings and advertising inscriptions from another time Today, we still pass very close, on foot or in vehicle without really seeing them or even looking at them and yet, these are vestiges of known activities from another era, that of before the “thirty glorious years”. These old paintings and inscriptions, some of which still resist […]


Warner Bros. on Location London presents the “Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition”

Warner Bros. will launch an exhibition in the UK of magical behind-the-scenes images of the Harry potter series of films, with London’s only bottle [b]beverage [b]ar The Harry Potter photographic exhibition will take fans behind the scenes [sic] of their favorite Harry potter and Fantastic beasts moments and memories of the film. The Wizarding World […]


Adrian Ensor – A Black and White Photographic Journey

Adrain Ensor outside his darkroom in Grafton Way. Photo: Tori. Adrian Ensor is one of Britain’s top black and white photographic printers and has worked in his basement darkroom just off Fitzroy Square for over 50 years. Over those five decades, Adrian has developed a deep and intuitive understanding of the mysterious alchemy that makes […]

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3D Computer Graphics Software Market – Growing Demand From Industry Professionals: Autodesk, Blender, SketchUp – The Manomet Current

Global 3D Computer Graphics Software Market (Post Covid-19) Analysis of the size and forecasts until 2029: The global 3D Computer Graphics Software Market research report is the product of a brief examination and in-depth analysis of the realistic data collected from the Global 3D Computer Graphics Software Market. The data was collected on the basis […]

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Murray State University Ranked # 1 Graphic Design Program in Kentucky | Community

MURRAY – The Graphic Design Program hosted in the Department of Art and Design at Murray State University was ranked # 1 in the state of Kentucky for 2021 and in the Top 25 in the South by the Animation Career Review, a A major online resource for people aspiring to careers in animation, game […]

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A reimagined online graphic design manual to support creatives around the world

In a series of articles, we plan to bring you in depth some of the most exciting work of this year’s 2021 Laureates. And we’ll start with a fantastic digital design example from Shillington Education. Background Shillington was founded in 1997 by Andrew Shillington, who ran a busy design studio but failed to find junior […]