Graphic design

How to learn graphic design online, wherever you are

Shillington, one of our favorite providers of a short, intensive design course, took the plunge last year to launch its very first online offering. And that means that in the future, their excellent courses have become more accessible than ever. Now anyone in the world can train online with the original graphic design bootcamp. Studying […]

Graphic design

Why basic graphic design skills are no longer enough

This means developing your skills from year to year, both in terms of adding new skills such as motion design, UI or UX design, as well as developing your soft skills. What is the cost of not doing it? We’re not going to water it down. Potentially, that means missing out on promotions, not finding […]


Time Travel: Photographic Memories of Kirkcaldy

Each week, we’ll take you back in time with a selection of photographs from DC Thomson’s extensive archives. This week the focus is on Kirkcaldy. During the 1970s, cat-show king Michael Parkinson interviewed famous names such as Orson Welles, John Wayne, Billy Connolly and Muhammad Ali. He also found time in June 1978 to open […]

Graphic design

CNC Web and Graphic Design students launch an end-of-year virtual showcase

The creative work of CNC Web and Graphic Design (WEGD) degree students is presented to the community during an end-of-year digital showcase. The showcase, held annually, went live this year due to the pandemic. Despite the restrictions, organizers say the class has created a strong online community – working together to create a new way […]