Computer graphics

How to Download Nvidia Drivers to Make Your Computer Graphics Run Smooth and Dynamically

© dikiiy / Shutterstock Nvidia drivers are easier to update than you might think. dikiiy / Shutterstock You can download the Nvidia drivers directly from the Nvidia website or by using an app called Nvidia GeForce Experience. If you have an Nvidia GeForce card, you can install the GeForce Experience app to automatically install the […]


Photographic landscapes mingle with the digital world

A full moon shines above the animated render by photographer and local instructor Danny Pietrodangelo of the LeMoyne Arts building. As the viewer virtually slides along the brick path, through the open door, and into a 3D model of the gallery interior, it becomes clear that even in the midst of a global pandemic, new […]

Graphic design

This Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign training can make you a graphic design pro

TLDR: The Adobe Graphic Design 2020 certification school offers training in all three Adobe graphic design applications. From its high perch at the top of the creative food chain, it’s hard to remember a time when the family of apps that make up Adobe Creative Cloud were not the most important digital creation tools on […]