Computer graphics

Clemson PhD student studies dinosaur feathers to advance infographic Clemson news

September 28, 2020January 28, 2021 CLEMSON – Clemson University PhD student embarks on feather study to help understand evolution from dinosaurs to birds today in hopes of advancing modern computer graphics and inspiring generations futures. Jessica Baron, PhD student in visual computing, works with a team of computer scientists from Clemson and Adam smith, paleontologist […]


Biddy Partridge’s exile photo archive: New Frame

Meeting Biddy Partridge in October 2015, over an English breakfast with his niece Sarraounia Samuels, was an encounter with more than just eggs and baked beans. Born Bridget June Partridge in Kenya in 1950 and raised in South Africa, she also told stories about her stacks of black and white negatives from the two decades […]


Collectives, a photographic artbook, challenges us to consider the Covid-19

Collectives is a new photographic art book that offers a strong and empowering take on the drastic transformative events of 2020. But don’t get me wrong: this is not a series of photographs taken during lockdown. Instead, São Paulo-based photographer Cássio Vasconcellos presents images from the pre-Covid era, in a way that makes us reflect […]

Graphic design

Graphic Design Festival Scotland relaunches as INTL with striking new logo and identity designs

The identity base was created by Warriors Studio, the people behind the foundation and organization of the festival. They said they envision it being an ongoing collaboration between Warriors and “many different creative practitioners over time”, including other designers, artists, writers, sculptors and those working in other disciplines. “It’s a whole new world for us […]