Computer graphics

HMS Core 5.0 Introduces AR Engine, Infographics Kit, Acceleration Kit and Other Improvements

Huawei Mobile Services, or HMS, is Huawei’s alternative to GMS, and it also consists of user-facing applications as well as basic background services. HMS provides a consistent experience across devices and is independent of platform version. The HMS Ecosystem includes the HMS Applications, the HMS Core, and the HMS Capabilities that the Core enables through […]


Bayangnya itu Timbul Tenggelam: Photographic cultures in Malaysia

ILHAM gallery presents Bayangnya itu Timbul Tenggelam – Photographic cultures in Malaysia from July 21 to December 31, 2020. Bayangnya itu Timbul Temggelam, what appears and moves away from the gaze, is an overview of the cultures that have developed around photography and its relationship with Malaysia. The exhibition invites us to explore the different […]

Graphic design

How Studio Feixen turned a Swiss city into a massive graphic design exhibition

Studio Feixen is based in Lucerne, Switzerland, and decided to brighten up their region with a very different type of advertising campaign: one created only to bring a little color and joy. Unlike many other countries, Switzerland has a rich tradition of celebrating poster art in spaces that most urban areas would devote entirely to […]

Graphic design

Bold and minimalist illustrations by David Vanadia that merge graphic design and art

Working with mediums such as engraving, collage or digital, his practice revolves around the human and philosophy. The “sacred and divine bond which unites us to nature” also has a great influence on his work. “My intention is to reach people through a minimalist graphic approach while trying to incorporate a message,” David told Creative […]


APS Mullins Contemporary Photographic Prize winners announced

The The Australian Photographic Society (APS) has announced that photographer Judy Parker is the winner of the Mullins Contemporary Photographic Prize (MACPP) 2020 for her work ‘Dumpster Sketchbook: By the Water‘. © Judy Parker Parker’s concept statement for Dumpster Sketchbook: By the Water bed : “Recently I took a series of photographs of the side […]

Graphic design

An interdisciplinary project combines materials science with graphic design

Art conveys more than aesthetics. It can inform, illustrating complex ideas and relationships in a way that is easier to understand than long strings of specialized terms. For example, a picture can more elegantly explain how temperature variation creates different shades of red glass, changes in eyeglass design, or how a lithium-ion battery works. In […]

Graphic design

11 Memorable Graphic Design Projects by Milton Glaser

To mark the passing of Milton Glaser, we’ve rounded up 11 of the New Yorker’s most interesting graphic designs from the past six decades, including a never-before-seen symbol of unity he worked on until his death. Born on June 26, 1929, Glaser died exactly 91 years later on his birthday in New York City, where […]