See a sale of photographic prints Fundraising to fight racism

[ad_1] Photo: Xavier Scott Marshall Reframe the future, a photographic print auction, works with top emerging and professional photographers and graphic designers to raise funds for National bailout and the Marsha P. Johnson Institute. Reframing the Future was founded by a group of creative colleagues united by a common goal of becoming stronger allies of […]

Graphic design

Graphic design graduates help dress up London’s new H&M store as it opens post-lockdown

He collaborated with Shillington graduates who worked with Shoreditch-based design agency The Midnight Club to design artwork based on the theme, Breakthrough. The resulting posters feature illustrations, typographic designs, and more. But it wasn’t until this month that we got to see the work, as 2020 put H&M’s plans on hold somewhat. Fast forward to […]

Computer graphics

Team applies computer graphics techniques to soft robots – News

June 17, 2020 Researchers develop first real-time physics engine for flexible robotic materials Cinematic animation and video games are incredibly realistic these days, capturing a lock of hair falling over a heroine’s eyes or a canvas sail flapping in the wind. Collaborators from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Carnegie Mellon University have […]

Graphic design

10 Artists Who Use Graphic Design to Protest Injustice

Illustrations have the power to take even the most complex ideas and boil them down to something simple and concise. They can take something ordinary and change the way you see the world. And in times of trouble, this imagery can create unity. There is, of course, a rich history linking artists to protest movements […]


A Photographic Journey: Iconic Birds of the World with Peter Cavanagh

[ad_1] Submitted by Friends of San Juan Are you experiencing travel withdrawal after months of lockdown and canceled travel plans? Peter Cavanagh – photographer, filmmaker, former National Aeronautics and Space Administration researcher, bird expert and Lopezian – is here to help! Cavanagh will take you on a virtual photographic journey to see some of the […]