Graphic design

A non-traditional “jump” from publishing to graphic design

Alyssa Varner graduated from the University of Iowa with a passion for books and writing. She pursued a career in publishing, only to find her true calling in graphic design – taking a non-traditional path in the industry. Since then, she has intertwined her two passions in a series of graphic novels. Hannah Kinson Graphic […]

Computer graphics

3. Computer graphics give birth to Big Data

The explosion of breakthroughs, investments and entrepreneurial activity around artificial intelligence over the past decade has been fueled exclusively by deep learning, a sophisticated statistical analysis technique for finding hidden patterns in large amounts of data. A term coined in 1955—artificial intelligence– has been applied (or incorrectly applied) to deep learning, a more advanced version […]


Architect / Artist David Hansen’s Fantastic “Photographic Prints”

Looking for a bit of visual peace in the midst of all the public bad news, I scoured art websites and just stumbled across the work of David hansen. Hansen, an architect with 25 years of experience, creates wonderful and evocative images of cities and architectural spaces using a self-invented technique: Photographic impressions and “architectural […]


An intimate photographic portrait of a very strange wilderness and the people who live there

The portrait and documentary photographer has worked with clients such as the Financial Times, The Guardian, The New York Times, Citizens Advice and the Nuffield Trust, among others, and his latest project is a series shot in the far north of the country on the border with Russia. Called Arktisk Grenseland, it focuses on a […]

Computer graphics

Computer Graphics Pioneers Win Turing Technology Award

The technology that brought films like “Toy Story” to life and enabled a variety of special effects is at the center of this year’s Turing Prize, the Nobel Prize’s version of the tech industry. Patrick Hanrahan and Edwin Catmull won the award for their contributions to 3D computer graphics used in movies and video games. […]

Computer graphics

Pixar’s Computer Graphics Pioneers Won the $ 1 Million Turing Prize

Two men who invented revolutionary 3D computer graphics techniques now widely used in the film industry have won the highest honor in computer science: the Turing Prize. If you liked Toy story, The Lord of the Rings, The world of Nemo, Titanic, Avatar, Where jurassic park, you thank them. Who are they? Edwin Catmull and […]

Computer graphics

Computer Graphics Pioneers Win 2019 Turing Prize

Pixar founding members Ed Catmull and Pat Hanrahan are 2019 ACM AM Turing Award recipients. Regarded as the Nobel Prize in Computing, this annual million dollar award recognizes fundamental contributions important, in this case the infographic. Established in 1966. The award was named in honor of Alan M. Turing and is the most prestigious of […]