Graphic design

A new show celebrates the revolutionary graphic design of the 1960s

‘Bamalama Takes a Trip: A Celebration of 60s Graphic Design’ in London will feature a mix of carefully selected vintage music advertising posters and exclusive limited edition prints – some for sale and some just for display – that capture vividly captures the ideals, rhetoric and visions of the period in graphic form. A special […]

Computer graphics

Computer graphics programming in OpenGL with Java (2e)

Author: V. Scott GordonPublisher: MercureDate: September 2018Pages: 406ISBN: 978-1683922193Print: 1683922190Kindle: B07HNF4YSNAudience: Java developers interested in 3D graphicsRating: 5Reviewer: Mike JamesJava and graphics aren’t a natural pairing – are they? So you want to learn graphic design. If you just want to be a regular game developer, learn how to use one of the game engines […]


Don Byram’s work shows the minds of the people, fighting an invisible war every day

The photograph shows a woman submerged almost to her shoulders in a lake. The clouds above her and the trees behind are reflected in the rippling water. It is perfectly centered in the middle of the image. His face is almost completely obscured by a silver Spartan helmet, but his left eye is visible and […]