Graphic design

Eight Unexpected Reasons Graphic Design Is a Smart Career Choice

But here at Shillington, where we are experts in training graphic designers, we understand the profession deeper and more intimately than that. And so we know that only scratches the surface of why being a graphic designer is so great. In this article, we explain that the benefits of working in graphic design are probably […]

Graphic design

Artist of the Week: Catalina Arnett uses graphic design to create expressive stories | Arts & Culture

Comics and fantasy novels aren’t just a childhood pastime for Catalina Arnett – they’re her reality. With a degree in graphic design from the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia, Arnett was able to tap into her full creative ability and is striving to become a freelance illustrator. Arnett credits the […]


Announcement of the shortlist for the National Portrait Gallery’s annual portrait photography award

Award-winning portraits include a thoughtful guardian of the Belfast Conway estate; a family ready for their day on the beach at Whitley Bay in England; and works in a series depicting the photographer’s late mother in Los Angeles. Enda Bowe is an Irish photographer based in London. His shortlisted work portrays Neil, a young man […]