Computer graphics

Computer Graphics + Computer Vision = TensorFlow Charts

Google’s TensorFlow deep learning platform added differentiable graphics layers with TensorFlow Graphics, a combination of computer graphics and computer vision. Google says TensorFlow Graphics can solve data labeling issues for complex 3D vision tasks by leveraging a self-supervised training approach. A computer graphics pipeline generally requires the representation of 3D objects and their absolute position […]


How a 19th-century photographic technique erased a Maori tradition

Michael Bradley’s photograph of Gary Shane Te Ruki as part of his Puaki series, wet plate and digital photographs (courtesy of the artist) A new project has resurfaced the almost obsolete technique of wet plate photography, while shining a light on how this documentary medium erased Indigenous culture in New Zealand. After spending four years […]

Computer graphics

The infographic course creates the face of the year

WEST LIBERTY, Virginia, May 8, 2019 – One of the classes at West Liberty University of the College of Arts and Communication created a digital portrait of President Stephen Greiner as one of his final projects. Digitized portrait of President Stephen Greiner, now on display in the Hall of Fine Arts, near the Nutting Gallery. […]