Photographer banned from 500px after light painting exhibitions considered “non-photographic”

Photographer Tim Gamble is a light painting photographer who takes pride in creating most of his [incredible] working behind closed doors, so you can imagine his surprise when 500px deleted his account on the grounds that he was posting “non-photographic content”. While attempting to access his profile, he was greeted with a message proclaiming that […]


Simone de Beauvoir’s photographic journey inspired by her journal, America Day by Day

In January 1947, the French writer and intellectual, Simone de Beauvoir landed at New York’s La Guardia Airport, starting a four-month trip across America. She traveled from east to west by train, car, and even the Greyhound bus. She recounted her travels in her diary and recorded each experience in painstaking detail. She stayed 116 […]


New York Times Photographic Double Standard

By covering the terrorist attack on a Nairobi hotel that killed at least 21 people by Shahab extremists, The New York Times decided to publish an image of a body riddled with bullets taken by Khalil Senosi. Photo Twitter was outraged and Poynter wrote about the “difficult choice” the NYT fact about the selection. Warning: […]

Graphic illustration

iACADEMY offers graphic illustration and audio production

iACADEMY began offering high school courses for graphic illustration and audio production in response to industry needs. “Rapid changes in publishing and printing have moved a lot of content online and onto mobile devices. Some forms of graphic design such as mobile advertising and video editing are expected to reach 21% by 2024 according to […]