Graphic design

18 “not boring” business reports designed by graphic design students

It’s a challenge we often entrust to our students at Shillington on our six campuses around the world. Using their graphic design skills, they transform heavy statistics, information and text into a visually appealing document – ​​one that any of us would enjoy reading. To inspire you, we’ve selected 18 gloriously creative, ‘not boring’ corporate […]

Graphic design

16 handmade album covers created by graphic design students

Having to work with their hands can yield incredible results. They are forced to explore what they know of design principles, color theory, lateral thinking and typography, away from the influence of digital. Students typically learn a new skill or tackle a new technique, then present it on screen to refine and finalize it. It’s […]


A myth of two souls: Vasantha Yogananthan’s photographic reinvention of an ancient Hindu tale

Thousands of years later, his stories of heroism, duty and love are still told and performed at religious festivals and annual ceremonies all over India. Drawing inspiration from the impact of this ubiquitous cultural myth on Indian daily life, Vasantha traced Rama’s legendary route from north to south India to for A myth of two […]