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Dazzling designs | infographic world

We’ve all heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but who’s best friend to the artist and craftsman who designs and casts the jewelry that dazzles a woman’s eyes? In the digital age, that honor should go to CAD/CAM programs such as 3Design and Gemvision, which provide tools for master jewelers to create some […]


10 people with photographic memories

It is difficult to say whether photographic memory actually exists. So far, only one really conclusive test has been done to prove that some people can look up massive amounts of information and remember it verbatim even years later. But there are plenty of people who have claims possess an eidetic memory (this is the […]

Computer graphics

State OKs Five Towns Infographic Degrees

By GREGORY ZELLER // On a mission to replace “starving artists” with “appreciated artists”, digital innovator Paul Lipsky has reprogrammed the book on interactive infographics. Like, literally: With the blessing of the New York State Department of Education, Dix Hills-based Five Towns College is launching new curriculum-based two- and four-year interactive computer graphics degree programs […]