Winterhawk Graphics, Inc.

When sending files to Winterhawk

  • Supply all image and graphic files
  • Include the necessary printer and screen fonts
  • Convert colors in images from RGB to CMYK - be aware that this will change your image's appearance, you should verify that the color appears similar
  • Scan or save images at correct resolution - 300 dpi is best for images, 1200 dpi for line art
  • Make sure bleeds extend 1/16 of an inch beyond document size
  • Use EPS format where possible for better print quality
  • Submit files in native format if possible
  • Send a mock-up - a PDF file or laser proof is fine and will serve as a guide
  • We accept floppy disks, 100 and 250 zip disks, CDs, DVDs and e-mailed files
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